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Jumpcut offers post production and workflow solutions. As soon as the first file is shot, we will take care of all your media. From dailies to the final master file.

We are where you want to work - we can be anywhere - workflow for the artists.

Jumpcut is located in Gothenburg, west Sweden, the heart of Scandinavia.


Jumpcut can provide everything from the first step to the last frame of your film.
  • DIT equipment and personnel
  • Backup and safe storage
  • Editing Wherever You Want System
  • Post Production supervision
  • Workflow Specialist
  • Editing equipment - Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere
  • Editing - Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere
  • Grading - Davinci Resolve, Digital Vision Nucoda


Edit Wherever You Want

Jumpcut has a system that allows the editor to just edit wherever he/she wants to be located without thinking about receiving hard-drives, downloading media or moving files around.

The system has been used on the film Viva Hate that was filmed in Gothenburg Sweden and edited in Oslo Norway.

“Now that we are done with the editing of Viva Hate, I will thank you for a smooth cutting period. I have appreciated everything you have done for me. The cutting process has been amazing thanks to you. Thank you!”
Vidar Flataukan, Editor of Viva Hate

Grading on location

The director did not have time to get to the grading suite in Gothenburg, so we flew a grading suite to the directors studio in New York.

“You are a genius”
Johan Renck, Director of The Fat and The Angry (Ettor & Nollor)

About Jumpcut

Jumpcut's goal is to help you smoothen the ride on your way to create the best movie ever.

Jumpcut was founded by Clas Hakeröd, who has become a trusted name in the business, in 2000. Clas has been working in the industry since 1992 as Producer, Editor, Colourist, DOP, Post Production Supervisor.


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  • Garage film
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  • Olympic Broadcasting Services
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Jumpcut AB
Clas Hakeröd
Håkansgatan 6B
SE-418 75 Göteborg

+46 (0)709-31 99 90